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China Marketing


with confidence and control

Be a global enterprise or an innovative entrepreneur, expanding and growing your business in China can be hugely rewarding as well as challenging. CDRS serves as your reliable partner to market and support your business in China with know-how and transparency, thereby giving you confidence and control for your China success. For more than a decade, CDRS has delivered top performances for Fortune 100 brands and more. How can we help you today?

Our mission, engage your target China audience, and

deliver a rewarding user journey. 

to learn more about marketing your brand in China.

WHY China DR Solutions?

China Marketing Agency with 10+ Years of Proven Success

Servicing S&P 100 Respected Global Brands.


China Digital Media Expertise with 

Baidu, WeChat, Sina Weibo, JD and Tmall


Trusted and Talented American & China-based teams

Only the best local Chinese expertise

China media  Partners

CDRS  is an Offical Chinese WeChat Partner Agency.
CDRS is an Offical Chinese Baidu Partner Agency.
CDRS is an Offical Chinese Tmall Partner Agency.
CDRS  is an Offical Chinese Sina Weibo Partner Agency.

What is the cdrs China Desk Marketing Service?

Moving into a new business market is a risky and unknowable decision, which is why it's always best to test the waters first. Actually, making the steps to test your brand int he Chinese Market is a savvy business approach to your expansions: and we can help you do that.

The CDRS China marketing pilot is a system devised to help you be successful. This includes:

  • Finding potential clients in China

  • Generating relevant leads and sales

  • Growing your brand

  • Finding the most suitable approach for entry into the Chinese market

At CDRS, we use a performance-driven approach to improve any marketing strategies for your business. Our pilot projects mean we can test your brand strategy and approach the relevant market plans in China. We can test and retest all strategies, all the while building a reputable reputation for your company and growing your business. Through testing and evolving your brand we optimize your business in the best way to meet your Chinese market opportunities.

It's also important to know and understand the relevance and sustainability of your particular product within the Chinese market - we can help with this, too.

At CDRS, we make it our priority to form a thorough understanding of the target audience you with to aim for, and how this translates to the Chinese market. We have the knowledge to know how best to integrate your unique product into the Chinese market.

What does the china marketing entail?

Your business test pilot in the Chinese market will have a duration of around 3 to 6 months. During this time, your business will go through all relevant stages, from promotion, execution to the official launch. This gives a rounded and in-depth pilot run of your Chinese market opportunities.

All stakes incorporate our digital strategy cycle:

  • Test

  • Sale

  • Refine

  • Report

  • Repeat

During our test pilot run, your business will benefit from the expertise of our digital marketing experts based both in our Chinese office and U.S. offices. These two locations also provide a seamless transition and collaboration across both markets, encouraging communication at all times.

Who have we helped enter the Chinese market?

CDRS has been working with top brands and companies in this area since 2006. ​

Our list of clients includes:


  • Global medical and dental equipment leaders

  • Some of the top smartphone and PC brands

  • CPG

  • One of the leading computer chipmakers

  • Discover more about our China marketing agency and our client portfolio

We also have expertise within the beauty, clothing, finance and luxury industries, as well as many more.

At CDRS, we have more than a decades experience in assisting U.S. businesses break into the Chinese market. If you're looking to take your global marketing to the next level with our China Desk Marketing, fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in contact with you in 24-hours or less.

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