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China Marketing Strategy.

Many can talk market strategy, but few deliver.

China Marketing Strategy.

we deliver because we see both sides of the coin. based in China and the u.s. - we straddle strategy from both sides of the world.

For American marketers, China and Asia Pacific can appear to be like another region on your global marketing plan. The China market represents unique challenges and opportunities for US marketers.


A rapidly growing middle-class market lies open for you to invest and grow your business beyond US borders. In 2000, only 4% of China’s urban population was middle class. By 2022, McKinsey & Company predicts 76% will be middle class. [6]


Let us create your marketing strategy to connect your brand to this vast market opportunity. 


  • The China DR Solutions difference
    We believe choosing a marketing agency in China begins with a compassion to care for the audience.  CDRS will get a deep understanding of your local audience and determine the best strategy for your marketing objectives.

    CDRS provides marketing services to well-known media agency partners and direct American brand clients. 


  • Our Marketing Strategy Process
    Your marketing strategy begins with focusing on the needs and wants of the target audience to take advantage to grow your China digital presence. Foundation of good strategy includes learning more about your business, the value proposition, your audience, and competitors. Our mission is to make an action-oriented marketing strategy work to engage your audience throughout the buyer journey.

    We work with you to find the right mix of marketing channels and develop a complete plan that includes objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs), budget, and timeline with activities and deliverables. Your marketing strategy can focus on jump-starting your pilot programs or involve a more comprehensive approach.



Interested in how we can deliver an exceptional market strategy?

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