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china SEO.

We help brands obtain top SEO Organic search results in China on Baidu, Sogou, and 360.

China SEO Services.

SEO services in China and Asia Pacific.

Expand your SEO program to cover the China market with over 731 million Internet users and a 95% mobile population. [1]


Your SEO strategy needs to be aligned with your global program, but your China SEO marketing will be dramatically different since Google isn’t the domain player in China. Baidu has adopted similar Google best practices along with its own set of algorithms.  


CDRS, a global and China SEO company understands search, local markets and Baidu SEO integration within Chinese market. It’s why we make the shortlist for top brands around the world. Let us take your SEO in China and Asia Pacific (APAC) to the next level.


  • Our Point of Difference
    Since 2006 CDRS has been providing SEO services to well-known media agency partners and direct clients in the US, China, and APAC markets. We are the Official Chinese partner agency for Baidu, WeChat, Sina Weibo, and more. CDRS has SEO talent in our China and our US offices to provide you with full integration into your global SEO program. 

  • SEO services solutions in China
    We understand your SEO program in China will achieve greater ROI when you are tapping into multiple channels of marketing, for example, Weibo, Paid Media, KOF’s (Key Opinion Formers), and more. Our SEO agency services are built to grow your business and web SEO best practices including:


- Mobile-first strategy.
The China and Asian markets are heavy users of mobile. We ensure all our clients and top brands lead with understanding the mobile search landscape especially for Baidu Mobile SEO and to maximize mobile traffic.
- keyword research.
CDRS goes beyond translation and localization to target relevant, high converting keywords aligned with brand objectives. Our U.S. and China collaboration finds the best converting keywords for your organization's  SEO program.
- Technical and on-page audits.
We will audit and analyze your website for technical and on-page SEO. The audits are based on best practices for Chinese search engines including Baidu, the #1 search engine in China; Haosou, the #2, and Shenma, the #3. While in APAC, search engines include Naver for Korea, and Google and Yahoo! for Japan. Our teams' design SEO solutions tailored to each individual search market, while keeping in mind your global teams technical and build limitations.
- On page Optimization.
Our U.S. and China-based teams collaborate to keep brand integrity while optimizing the on-page content for China or other APAC audiences. Content is localized for each market while leveraging our U.S. and Chinese market teams for collaboration to ensure all vested individuals are clear with what is getting implemented for the on-page search engine optimizations.
- Off site SEO and content marketing.
SEO managers across all geographies understand the challenges of ethical, link earning for domain authority and link building. We follow the quality motto to get quality local links and produce engaging content for your Chinese audience. Online referral building is all about quality over quantity and a mix of link referral types. In short, what makes sense for your reputation.
- data and reporting.
CDRS is well versed in data collection and analysis techniques for local China and APAC markets. We create actionable, insightful reports which can be branded to work with your company’s digital reporting requirements. 


Trusted by Top Brands since 2006, put CDRS on your short list today

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