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China Marketing Pilot.

Testing your brand for the china market is a wise practice.

China Marketing Test. Try a China Pilot for your business marketing in Asia.

Know your best approach & take a test on the china market. 


Our China marketing pilot will allow you to find potential clients, generate leads and sales, all the while growing your brand and finding the best approach for market entry into China.


Let us test your brand strategy and go to market plans in China with our data-driven pilot projects. CDRS uses a performance-driven approach to improve strategies, test, and retest, and optimize the pilot for expansive go to market plans. And test is your product sustainable and purchasable in China.    


  • China Test marketing for u.s. companies and brands

Top global brands trust CDRS for pilot projects to test new strategies, tactics, messaging, and more. CDRS has been helping companies enter the market for all their digital marketing needs in China since 2006. 


The bedrock of all digital strategy is the iterative cycle - test, sale, refine, report, and repeat. Test for success. Every China market pilot program begins with data analysis and there-forward throughout the testing cycle for the Chinese market.

Each pilot lasts 3 to 6 months duration taking your China marketing from promotion, execution to launch phase. CDRS spends the time to get a deep understanding of your target audience and how best to immerse your product in the Chinese market for the desired and predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs).
We have digital marketing experts in our China and U.S. offices to provide you with collaboration across markets you need for a successful China marketing pilot project.
Since 2006, we have partnered with top U.S. brands and companies. Our clients include a leading computer chip maker, global leaders in medical and dental equipment, top smartphone & PC brands, CPG, and more...
Auto, Baby & Maternity, Beauty, Clothing, Finance, FMCG, Luxury, Technology, and Travel.


Take your global marketing to the next level with CDRS' China marketing pilot & test your limits. 

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