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Digital Marketing.

95% mobile usage from 1.5 billion people accessing digital social media in China. the highest ratio in the world.

Digtal marketing agency in China and the United Stats.

We are a mobile first, Digital Marketing Agency in China and in the US.

Mobile has been our game since 2006. Working with top smartphone brands and telecommunication companies we saw the future in China’s mobile market, and we have been leading the way ever since.


Our digital marketing experts in the US and China work across multiple channels and platforms to create the best marketing mix for your China marketing.  


Digital marketing services are built to work with global brands and include…


  • Digital Marketing Strategy for In-Market Action:
    We work with you to find the right mix of digital marketing channels, and develop a complete plan that includes objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs), budget, and timeline with activities and deliverables. Your digital marketing plan can focus on jump-starting your SEM pilot program or involve a more comprehensive strategy.


  • China Marketing Pilot:
    Start the ground running in China with our marketing pilot program. Our pilot process tests initial market responsiveness followed by iterations of refine, report and repeat.


  • Marketing Strategy:
    Your marketing strategy begins with focusing on the needs and wants of the target audience to take advantage to grow your China digital presence. Foundation of good strategy includes learning more about your business, the value proposition, your audience, and competitors. Our mission is to make an action-oriented marketing strategy work to engage your audience with their own digital touch points.


  • Mobile Marketing:
    Mobile is the foundation of all winning campaigns in APAC markets. CDRS uses its vast mobile knowledge to understand your audiences across platforms to find opportunities and market gaps.


  • Social Media Marketing:
    Our process works to understand your global and regional social media strategy and integrate it into China and APAC markets. Identifying and listening to your target audiences with a specific value proposition on the ideal platforms drives social performance.  


  • SEO services:
    CDRS provides full SEO services including technical,  on-page and off-site SEO based on best practices for Chinese and APAC search engines including Baidu, 360, Sogou, and Google. Our teams create fully integrated SEO solutions tailored to the China search market.


  • paid search PPC:
    We understand the language of Baidu to optimize your paid search campaigns for the best ROI.  For optimal optimization, CDRS will set account structure, maximize bids, and ensure ongoing reiteration.


  • Content marketing:
    CDRS spends time understanding your audiences and personas across platforms to create engaging content solutions. Our content teams provide top brands with China localized content production across all targeted platforms.  


  • our point of difference:
    CDRS provides digital marketing services to well-known media agency partners and direct US brand clients. CDRS has digital marketing experts in the China and US offices to provide you with collaboration across markets you need for success.



Leading Choice for Digital Marketing in China.

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