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china social media.

Let us grow your brand's presence in China with Social Media Marketing.


In China, we speak differently. It’s not Facebook, Google, Twitter, and influencers. But Weibo, WeChat, and key opinion leaders (KOLs). The platforms are different. However, we all share the same human desire to connect. It’s no surprise social media for top brands marketing in China and APAC will continue marketing across these social channels this year.


Top global brands trust CDRS for all their China social media marketing needs since 2006.

China Social Media Marketing


  • Our Point of Difference
    We believe choosing a China social media agency begins with a compassion to care for the audience.  CDRS spends the time to get a deep understanding of your local audience and how best to create brand awareness and engagement.

    Here at China DR Solutions we provide social media marketing services to well-known media agency partners and direct American brand clients. We have social media experts in our China and U.S. offices to provide you with collaboration, clear communication, and English and Chinese speaking colleauges across markets you need for success in Asia.

    Our social media marketing experts across the U.S. and China work across multiple platforms. Our social media services are built to work with global brands and include…


- social media strategy.
We start aligning your social strategy by focusing on the needs and wants of the audience.

Our process works to understand your global and regional social media strategy and integrate it into China and APAC markets. Identifying and listening to your target audiences with a specific value proposition on the ideal platforms to drive performance.  

- social media audit.
CDRS spends time understanding your social audiences across platforms to find social media opportunities and market gaps. We provide insightful feedback on how to win over your audience in China through social channels. 
- social media management.
Our social media teams provide top brands with localized social campaigns and content across all targeted platforms.  Our team retains your brand’s essence while improving brand impressions and reach to influencers. 


- data and social media marketing reporting.
Regular monthly reporting on social audience insight and opportunities keeps your content marketing on target and on time. We help achieve your metrics and ensure we are aligned with your global social media marketing reporting requirements. 


Leading Brand Choice for U.S. Companies Investing in China Social Media Marketing. 

Social Media Markeing in China.
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