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paid media (ppc).

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Paid Media (PPC) Services for China SEM.

we are experts at understanding the meaning of words for top brands and agencies.

Words can have different meanings in different markets. We seek to understand the differences in the Chinese audience behavior and provide the best brand experiences for American companies and agencies promoting on paid search.


China is the world’s second-largest digital advertising spend. The U.S. and China account for 44% of global digital ad spend. [2] Rolling out a China or APAC paid search campaign has never been filled with more opportunity.


CDRS believes the best path to grow is to know the sellers and buyers. It’s the reason we established a U.S. office a long time ago. With teams in both countries, brands and agencies choose CDRS for Chinese PPC services.


  • Our Point of Difference
    We have managed millions of U.S. dollars of paid search spending for world leading brands since 2008.  CDRS has been providing PPC services to well-known media agency partners and direct clients in the U.S., China, and APAC markets.

    CDRS has SEM talent in our China and U.S. offices to provide you with full integration into your global marketing programs. 


  • Pay Per Click Advertising in China
    We understand the language of Baidu to provide high ROI on your paid search campaigns.  For optimal optimization, working across multiple platforms - Baidu, Google, and Sogou will achieve greater ROI when integrated into your global digital ad spend.

    Our PPC services are built to work with global brands and include the following,


- business first strategy.
The foundation of good opportunity is in understanding your business’ APAC and/or China audiences. We take the time to learn all about your company, your brand, and your paid digital ad program. Led by data-informed PPC campaigns we align with global strategies.
- keyword research.
CDRS goes beyond translation and localization to target relevant, high converting keywords aligned with your paid search strategy. Our U.S. and China collaboration finds the best keyword return on investment bids for your organization.
- Account Management.
Our local PPC teams will work with you to organize account structure, maximize bid optimizations, and ensure ongoing communications. We apply in-market learned best practices for PPC on Baidu, Sogou, Qihoo 360, and Sohu.
- Ad Copy.
Using a data-based approach, we A/B test the best copy of your paid search campaigns across China and APAC. Our copywriters seek to retain your brand's essence while maximizing audience click-through rates (CTRs) and conversions.
- data and PPC reporting.
Ongoing reporting is part of the success of any CDRS PPC campaign. We create actionable, insightful PPC reports which are aligned with your regional and global reporting requirements.


Trusted by Top Brands for PPC in China since 2006.

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