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China Marketing Case Studies.

SEO Marketing.
redesign. ux. optimization. awareness.

Goal: Linx, a B2B ink-jet printing machine producer wanted to improve their brand awareness & their website traffic through digital marketing while enhancing their users' experience and extending their dwell time.

Marketing Challenge: The website content & user experience were currently not meeting or appealing to their targeted group.

SEO Strategy: CDRS renovated the website through A/B testing so to define the desired user experience. On-page optimizations were provided to meet Baidu best practices, and seek potent, ethical off-page optimization solutions to improve the brand's awareness and domain authority.

Organic Search Results: Just after three months, Linx's organic search traffic for China jumped by 300% and the bounce rate dropped by 40% due to improved dwell time to the newly configured website.


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Goal: A Danaher company known as Beckman Coulter, a leading medical equipment company wanted to Boost traffic and conversions through a website redesign.

Marketing Challenge: The company had implemented a website redesign in hopes of achieving their goal, but after they implemented a 301 redirect strategy by another 3rd party agency, their traffic sharply dropped. Their challenge was to get all their pages reinstated and indexed by Baidu's search engine.

SEO Strategy: China DR Solutions (CDRS) provided a redirect URL mapping strategy as per Baidu's search engine algorithm and submitted the URLs through the Baidu search engine's URL recommendation function tool.


Natural Search Results: After all the pages were reinstated, Beckman Coulter has seen a website traffic increase for two years in a row. First-year traffic surged by 70%. Second-year traffic almost doubled, achieving 120% increase year-over-year. Raw leads increased by 30% during year one, and 35% during year two. Continued success ensues.​


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Integrated Marketing.
engagement. media channels. sharing. 

Goal: Fluke, a leading F500 brand that leads the market for their measurement instruments wanted to sustain and promote the brands image and shorten the sales process to increase leads in China. 

Marketing Challenge: The Chinese instrument measurement marketplace was saturated with local brands offering lower purchase thresholds. Challenge #1 stopped Fluke's potential customers from better knowing the strengths of Fluke's product and brand in China because of their uncompetitive price point. Challenge #2 had distributors owning the major sales channels and customer's buying habits which posed too persistent to be changed.

Mixed Marketing Strategy: CDRS composed an optimized and integrated marketing program that comprised of engagement marketing (experiential marketing), knowledge contribution and sharing, game marketing which formulated the foundation of the marketing strategy, and integrated channels of vertical media: SNS, public news media, forums, and EDM30+ to improve the programs scope of coverage and marketing effects. 

Marketing Results: The website now acquires 1.5 million traffic visits per year and generates more than 6,000 sales leads. In addition to those results, Fluke's Chinese website now sees an annual 10% increase rate across their agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


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Goal: Fluke, a leading F500 brand that leads the market for their measurement instruments wanted to sustain and promote the brands image and shorten the sales process to increase leads in China. 


Customer Challenge: Besides price point and a saturated market space with distributors, the measurement instrument content in the market space was seen as technical and very detail oriented. Those three factors contributed to the content not being spreadable across Weibo, one of the leading social media channels in China.

Social Media Strategy: China DR Solutions goal was to introduce the products by telling a series of stories which would, in turn, engage Fluke's target customer. CDRS then created planned topics of interest which would appear as hot topics that could be discussed and shared across Weibo and in the related market space.


Weibo Marketing Results: By capturing the target audience with useful knowledge and friendly services, Fluke was able to attract over 140,000 followers. While re-posts and comments surged from a few hundred to over 10 thousand per year.


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