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China Content Marketing and Strategy.

No facebook. no twitter. no google. but we chat in china.

China Content Marketing & Strategy.

China Content marketing and strategy is no different from America.

The language is different. The platforms are different. It’s not Facebook, Google, or Twitter. But Weibo and WeChat.


In China, the platforms and languages may be different but our content needs are the same. Audiences in China, like U.S. counterparts, like to share and engage with quality relevant content.


Content consumes the daily life of consumers in China and APAC too. There are over 490 million mobile reading app users in China alone. According to a China state circular, by 2020, information consumption will grow annually at 11% to 6 trillion yuan ($901 billion USD).  How will your content speak to and reach this growing consumer and business market?


CDRS helps brands create engaging content for markets in China and APAC. We accomplish this by having teams in both countries to help you choose the best-in-class localized content marketing and strategy services.


  • Our Point of Difference

We believe content strategy starts with a compassion to care for the audience.   At China DR Solutions, we have been providing content marketing services for almost a decade to well-known media agency partners and direct global brand clients. Top international brands trust CDRS for all digital and China content marketing needs since 2006.

CDRS has content writers and promoters in our Chinese and U.S. offices to provide you with the content you need for success in China.



Our content marketing experts collaborate across continents. We understand the in-market language and buyer personas to provide engaging content marketing campaigns. These strategy and writing services are built to work with global brands and include the following,
- content strategy
Our process starts with working to understand your global and regional content strategy and integrate it into the China and APAC markets with the right cultural and localized twist. Identifying and listening to your target audiences informs your content marketing strategy.
- content audit
Chinese audiences are always looking for fresh and meaningful content. CDRS spends time understanding your audiences and personas across platforms to find content creation opportunities and market gaps to ensure your company connects with its audiences on the right level and approach.

- editorial planning and management.
Building out a content roadmap and editorial calendar keeps your content fresh and on time. Our content teams provide top brands with China localized content production across all targeted platforms.  
- content creation and distribution.
We leverage the best content writers in your brands vertical. Using a data-based approach, we A/B test to discover the best content for your content marketing campaigns across China and APAC. Our content writers retain your brand's essence while improving brand impressions and influence. 
- data and content reporting.
Gathering audience insight and mining data for content trends and ideas keeps your content marketing on target and on time. We create insightful content marketing reports with well-defined metrics and align those metrics with your global content marketing reporting requirements. 



Top Brands have chosen CDRS for China Content Marketing Strategy since 2006.

Let us write for your brand today. 

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