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Baidu versus Google: Know the Difference

For business outside of China, Google is the go-to for everything. Its suite of products is great for improving business operations, just as it is great for connecting with your demographic. For businesses outside of China, Google is the goal. In China, however, Google does not exist. In its place, many Chinese-owned and operated companies have risen to meet the challenge, with Baidu becoming the most popular option in China, claiming 77.31% of the market in the country.

Knowing this, how does Baidu match up to Google? What are the differences?

Baidu vs Google: Know the Difference

A Quick Rundown of Google

Though Google doesn’t exist in China, it is still the powerhouse of search engines and claims 92.09% of market share in the search engine world globally. To reach Chinese audiences, however, your best option is to use the features available on Baidu. Thankfully, this is easily done, since many of the same tools that marketers would use on Google, such as PPC marketing, are recreated on Baidu, with a few key differences you will want to be aware of.

A Quick Rundown of Baidu

Baidu was created in 2000 but make no mistake; before Google was barred from China, it was still the leading search engine. This is because Baidu made a successful gamble from the start to focus its effort on internet cafes, and better understood how to connect with Chinese users. They had over 3000 employees in sales and marketing, for example, specifically designed to inform users of its PPC features and collect payment manually, something Google never did.

The Differences Between Google and Baidu

The Similarities Between Google and Baidu


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