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Zhihu: Top china marketing Q&A Platform

New marketing tactics are always a great investment, especially in the fast-paced environment in China. The newest strategy that has paid off big for tech firms is known as Q&A marketing. Q&A marketing is quickly becoming a valuable tool when advertising within China and works by building up your authority, reputation, and by easing customer concerns all at once.


Of the Q&A sites in China, Zhihu is certainly the most popular, and its popularity exists due to the level of high-quality answers people share on a daily basis.

What Is Zhihu?

Zhihu, translating to “Do you Know?” is the largest and most successful Chinese Q&A site, with over 160 million users and 100 million answers to date. The platform is largely successful due to its artificial intelligence programs that work to delete offensive and spam posts. Unlike other Q&A sites, this one is populated with a unique demographic that makes its answers more in-depth and informative.

Who Uses Zhihu?

Statistically, those with a higher education and higher income use Zhihu. Those with a higher education degree make up more than 70% of accounts, where as 30% make twice as much or more than twice the average RMB per month. Regionally, 40% of users will live in 1st or 2nd tier cities, and demographically they are over the age of 25 (78.2% of accounts) and are fairly evenly split in terms of gender (46.7% female, 53.35 male). Sound like your target market?

What is Zhihu Used For?

Zhihu is primarily used to gain new knowledge for self-improvement, to learn more about topics of interest and product research. In addition to that, the site is also used as a news, a social site, and for entertainment.

Which Brands Should Market Through Zhihu?

Tech brands, B2B brands, and brands whose customer demographic is in line with Zhihu would find Q&A marketing on Zhihu potentially effective.

How to Use Zhihu to Market Your Own Brand?

To use Zhihu to market your brand, you will need to add value to the site, and offer quality, in-depth information that the users of Zhihu want to see. Gain a reputation by becoming known as a helpful, informative, and reputable brand by consistently being awarded Top Answers. Q&A marketing takes time and dedication, but in terms of relationship-building and word-of-mouth marketing, it is one of the best avenues that businesses can take within the Chinese market.

Features to Use on Zhihu

There are a variety of features to use on Zhihu.

  1. Q&A Campaigns. Answer questions in-depth on Zhihu and work to make your answers the Top Answer.

  2. Zhihu Live. Eligible organizations can provide live presentations on topics in their field. This gives you the time to discuss content in-depth and drive up views and reach.

  3. In-Depth Articles. Certain businesses can create in-depth articles that often become authority articles on Zhihu, further solidifying your business’s place as the best.

  4. Zhihu Bookstore. An online magazine that publishes the top answers one a weekly basis. Getting listed in this magazine helps to further validate your reputation, plus ensures your content is getting seen by their growing readership.


Interested in learning more about marketing in China and how we can help you? Let's talk, as we'd love to learn more about your business, your brand, and your goals.


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