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china social media.

It would take you 95 years to count the users on WeChat.

To reach a billion-start counting from 1 today for 95 years. That is the growing monthly active users in 2017 for WeChat. And it continues to show strong growth.

Let us grow your brand's presence in China with WeChat and Social Media Marketing.


In China, we speak differently. It’s not Facebook, Google, Twitter, and influencers. But WeChat, Weibo, and key opinion leaders (KOLs). The platforms are different. However, we all share the same human desire to connect. It’s no surprise social media for top brands marketing in China and APAC will continue marketing across these social channels this year.


We are an Official Chinese partner agency for WeChat and Sina Weibo. Top global brands trust CDRS for all their China social media marketing needs since 2006.

Social Media Markeing in China.

Why Wechat?

WeChat is #1 Social messaging and lifestyle app


Monthly Active Users Weixin + WeChat

90 mins

50% Users Use WeChat for at Least 90min a Day


% of All Monthly Active Users born in 80s or 90s



Reach Mainland Chinese Population


Reach Chinese Travelers


Reach Local U.S. Chinese Residents 

How can an international brand reach this large and fast-growing audience?


Which audience is yours? Is your industry eligible?
Do you have questions about other social media platforms (Weibo, Toutiao, etc.)?

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